Introducing the Inaugural Issue of Within: The Feminine-Masculine Issue

There are many lists and interpretations of which characteristics are feminine and which are masculine. We each have our own associations, expectations, and judgments, developed through nature and nurture. We hold these ideas implicitly, but what if we made them explicit? 

The inaugural issue of Within initiates a conversation about what it means to lead like a woman. To start, we are exploring the broadest theme of feminine-masculine leadership. We want to hear how you interpret this tension, how you navigate it, how you’ve experienced it. We want to take a hard look at its legacy, and its future. And we want you to take all kinds of creative license to explore this theme in unexpected ways. As a jumping off point, here are some things we’ve been thinking about:

What does feminine leadership look and feel like? What about masculine leadership? Do we value one more than the other? How does this vary across industries and cultures? Are there leaders who move between feminine and masculine? What might we learn from them? When is one strategy more effective than the other?

About Within

Within Magazine is a conversation amongst brave, creative womxn about what it means to lead like a woman—at home, at work, and everywhere in between. Our mission is to design a new model for leadership inspired by the ways women naturally lead. 

Send Us Your Pitch

Designing new models for leadership will be a journey, and we are on it together. On our way, we hope to publish content that is provocative, generous, vulnerable, practical and maybe even joyful. At our in-person events, women often start a story with, “I’ve never shared this publicly.” We are never let down by these stories. We also want each piece to seed a conversation in our community. Imagine your idea at book club—what might we talk about?

Topic: Feminine-Masculine Leadership

Pitches: Keep it short. 1-2 paragraphs is perfect. We’d love to see the following: catchy headline, high-level original idea, why you think it’s an interesting perspective on feminine-masculine, format (personal essay, interview, etc). Please also include your full name, LinkedIn profile, and a 1-2 sentence bio at the end of your pitch. If you have links to previous writing, please include. New voices are very welcome. 

Format: We are looking for op-eds, interviews, personal essays, photo essays, design fiction (similar to science fiction), and nonfiction. We are also open to new formats that engage our community in an ongoing conversation. Challenge us! Final submissiomns will be between 500-3000 words. 

Deadlines: Our pitch deadline is May 21, 2018. Hop to it!

Pay: We are offering $250 for any open submission that gets published.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm, and for considering contributing to Within. We hope you get a lot out of it too!

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